Trump Family Member Calls Out “Hostage Situation”

Trump Family Member Calls Out

( – With President Joe Biden placing some of the blame for the events in Afghanistan on the previous administration, it is no shock that former President Donald Trump and his son are speaking out. Both men have made their stance clear; Biden dropped the ball.

On August 18, Donald Trump, Jr. appeared on Fox and told host Sean Hannity he blames President Biden for causing “the largest hostage situation” in history. He also called what’s happening an “embarrassment” and placed all the blame on Biden.

The younger Trump said his father had a solid plan that Biden changed, and the result is the chaos happening in Afghanistan right now. He said Biden failed to create his own plan and only focused on getting rid of President Trump’s.

This narrative isn’t exactly a surprise; Trump Sr. just spoke with Hannity about his feeling that Americans still in Afghanistan are now hostages of the Taliban. In his interview, the former president said the fiasco in the Middle East is humiliating the US. He also said the situation is worse than that in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.

The Trump family isn’t alone in criticizing President Biden. Even allies like the mainstream news media and Congressional Democrats are turning on him. It is unfortunate that the first thing Trump and the Left seem to agree on is the failure of the Biden administration, but even more distressing is the fact this catastrophe comes at the cost of innocent lives.

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