Trump Endorsed Politician Takes Lead in New Poll

Trump Endorsed Politician Takes Lead in New Poll

( – With the tight Democratic majorities in Congress, the midterm elections in 2022 are very important to both parties. While Democrats hope to increase their majorities, Republicans want to take over both houses.

Because of this, every race is important, and prominent GOP names are coming out to support candidates in every state. In Florida, the fight is on for one House seat as Anna Paulina Luna, who has the backing of former President Donald Trump, starts to edge out the competition.

About the Race

Luna, a veteran of the Air Force, is running for the 13th Congressional District seat in Florida. The current representative is Charlie Crist (D), who will run for governor against incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in 2022.

Luna’s competitors for the Republican nomination include former Florida House candidate Matt Tito, former US Senate aide Amanda Makki, and the founder of a non-profit, Audrey Henson. According to a St. Pete’s Polls survey from October 23 and 24, her closest competitor is Makki, with 6.4% of the vote. Luna has 36.7%, a clear and decisive lead. However, she still has a long way to go, as over 52% of Republican voters have yet to make a decision on a candidate.

The Impact of Trump’s Endorsement

Luna is the only candidate running for the seat who has Donald Trump’s endorsement, and this holds a lot of power with GOP voters. Republican respondents to the survey showed a greater likelihood of voting for her once they learned about the Trump support.

The former president announced his support for the candidate in September. He praised her work for veterans and her attempts to strengthen the border. He touted her America First attitude, which he said her opponents lack.

Trump also stressed the importance of the race and how securing this seat is a step towards the GOP getting House majority. He called Luna a fighter and a winner who will help to ensure a victory for the party.

The Potential for a Win

Luna ran as the GOP candidate in 2020, where she lost to Crist. That was a tight race, with Crist getting 53% of the vote and Luna receiving 47%. That tight margin will give Luna cause for optimism if she can secure the nomination.

All signs point to Luna securing the Republican nomination as long as nothing drastic changes within the next few months. Considering her strong showing in 2020, it is highly possible she could pull out the win and become one of Florida’s new representatives.

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