Trump Breaks Silence On Melania

Boss Tweed, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, ex-President Donald Trump shared insights into the enigmatic nature of his wife, former first lady Melania Trump.

Trump expressed, “Melania’s allure partly lies in her mystique.”

When queried by Kelly about public misconceptions about Melania, Trump said, “She possesses immense self-assurance. She doesn’t need to be constantly in the limelight.”

While Melania was noticeably present during Trump’s 2016 presidential run and his tenure in office, she’s been relatively reserved in her public appearances. This discretion distinguishes her from many of her predecessors as the first lady. After Trump left office, Melania has been seen less frequently by his side, even as he makes headlines with a new presidential run and legal proceedings related to several allegations against him.

Despite her limited presence in recent events, Trump revealed that his followers maintain their respect for her. “At gatherings, supporters eagerly show images of Melania, proclaiming their affection for the former first lady. Our events are now larger than ever,” he remarked during the interview on Kelly’s SiriusXM program, The Megyn Kelly Show. This conversation marked their first in nearly a decade.

Reflecting on Melania’s private demeanor, Trump brought up a chat he had with the renowned journalist, Barbara Walters, where she expressed a desire to interview the elusive Hollywood actress, Greta Garbo. He drew comparisons between Garbo and Melania, saying, “While I wouldn’t label Melania as reclusive, she is introspective and self-assured.”

Trump also shared his disappointment that, despite her modeling background, Melania wasn’t featured on Vogue’s cover after his political venture began. He commented, “It’s unfortunate, but she remains unperturbed. Before our political journey, she had graced numerous magazine covers, including Vogue. She even had a cordial relationship with Vogue’s editor, Anna Wintour. Yet, her covers ceased once I entered politics. Regardless, she remains composed and serene.”