Trump Beating Everyone, Not Just Biden – Proof

Donald Trump

( – Donald Trump is having a walk in the park, and his competition can’t seem to do anything about it as a recent poll conducted by YouPoll and The Economist shows the former president is now closer than ever to regaining the presidential chair.

The poll which surveyed 1,562 U.S. adult citizens from February 18-20 shows Trump leading over Joe Biden with a 43%-42% edge in a nationwide matchup. This comes as the poll also indicates a 2-point preference for Democrats over Republicans on a generic congressional ballot with 43% favoring Democrats and 41% Republicans.

Trump’s dominance is clear in the Republican Party primary where he outpaces former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by a staggering 65 points holding 79% of the preference to Haley’s 14%.

The poll, which has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, reveals more than just the presidential race dynamics. Both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are facing challenges with their favorability ratings, each sitting 10 points in the negative. A significant 67% of those surveyed believe Hunter Biden benefited from his father’s political office, while only 14% disagree.

Other findings from the poll highlight the public’s views on various issues:

– Half of the respondents, 50%, think Joe Biden has profited from his political position, with 28% saying he has not and 22% unsure.

– When it comes to the $364 million fraud ruling against Trump in New York, 35% believe the judgment was too harsh.

– Despite low sympathy for Russia among U.S. adults, with only 5% expressing it, there’s a notable perspective that Russia is winning its war in Ukraine, with a 12-point difference in opinion.