Trump Attacked Just Before Debate

Donald Trump

( – Trying to take down former President Donald Trump by all means possible, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) plans to leverage his unashamed election interference case by unveiling a mobile billboard before the presidential debate venue in Atlanta.

This marks the first instance of the DNC directly criticizing Trump over the Georgia case.

Harshly slamming Trump, one of the videos on the billboard labels the former president a “convicted felon,” while other clips criticize his positions on abortion, taxes, Medicare, and Social Security.

In addition, this move comes just hours before the GOP nominee and Biden face off in the first presidential debate of this cycle.

Moreover, it also reflects an effort by Democrats to emphasize Trump’s guilty verdict in his New York City hush money trial last month.

Earlier this month, the Biden campaign launched a $50 million ad campaign, branding Trump a “convicted felon.”

DNC spokesman Abhi Rahman said in a statement announcing the ad buy:

“Voters will see the stark contrast tonight between President Biden, a true leader who wakes up every day fighting for the American people, is overseeing historic job growth, fighting to lower costs for families, and defending Americans’ rights…”

He further added, “…[a]nd Donald Trump, a convicted felon who is only fighting for himself, puts the needs of working families and voters last, and wants to ban abortion nationwide.”

Trump and several of his allies are accused of attempting to subvert the 2020 presidential election in Georgia but the former president has pleaded not guilty to the charges. A trial in the case is likely to occur after the election.

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