Top Republican Chickens Out Of 2024 Race

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is under pressure to rebuild his political standing amid renewed concerns about his strength in the 2024 Presidential race.

The Florida Governor has been enduring repeated bashes from former President Donald Trump in recent weeks and has already lost some high-profile endorsements, including some from his state’s Republican lawmakers.

According to reporting by The Hill, Republican donors are expressing public and private concerns about the viability of a DeSantis run and are opting to stay out of the 2024 primary for now, citing two sources familiar with recent donor discussions.

One Republican strategist claimed that even those who have “disdain” for Trump and want the GOP to move forward are “keeping their powder dry.”

Thomas Peterffy, businessman and billionaire Republican donor, made his concerns public, telling the Financial Times in a story over the weekend that he had put his plans to support DeSantis’ expected Presidential bid because of concerns about the governor’s position on social issues.

In the piece, Peterffy noted DeSantis’s “stance on abortion” and banning books, explaining that he and several friends are keeping “our powder dry.”

His remarks came just two days after DeSantis signed legislation banning abortions in Florida after six weeks of pregnancy, committing to an issue that has proven difficult for the GOP.

DeSantis has yet to officially launch a presidential campaign, and an announcement is not expected until May or June.

But while he is considered Trump’s strongest GOP Primary competitor, the former President has grown his lead over DeSantis, leading the Florida Governor by double-digits in all polls.