Top Pelosi Officials Diagnosed with COVID-19

Top Pelosi Officials Diagnosed with COVID-19

( – The Left speaks loudly about their opposition to the sweeping election reforms occurring in red states. Now, several state legislators are going to extremes to ensure new bills never become law. Unfortunately, this push might have had dangerous and unintended consequences for officials in Washington, DC.

Texas Lawmakers Flee State

On July 12, 2021, 56 Democrat lawmakers from Texas left the state to avoid voting on election reform legislation. Their actions made it impossible for the House to continue operating, and made it so that law enforcement agents could arrest them upon return to the state.

The traveling legislators fled to Washington DC specifically, where they met with other Democrats, including aides, sitting members of Congress, and Vice President Harris. Six have since tested positive for COVID-19. Though all were vaccinated, contact tracing reveals they just might be the cause of another superspreader event.

Pelosi Aide Infected

The infection of an unnamed aide to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was eventually traced back to a July 14 meeting between the Texas members and other Democrats. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the staffer tested positive for the virus.

Another Pelosi aide, Drew Hammill, said the staffer has received both coronavirus vaccinations and had no recent contact with the speaker.

Pelosi’s office heightened precautions to avoid more infections in response. Staff are also now working remotely unless they test negative or prove they had no exposure to the infected lawmakers.

Pelosi commented that she feels sorry about the staffer’s condition. She also took the same moment to push vaccinations and masks.

Spreading in Washington

Hammill isn’t the only one who is possibly infected. Officials confirmed a White House staffer who attended the July 14th event also tested positive for COVID-19. This undisclosed staffer was fully vaccinated, too. Reports say the person had no contact with the president or other key personnel while they were considered contagious.

Vice President Kamala Harris met with the Texas delegation herself on July 13. Psaki said she later tested negative for the virus, and isn’t quarantining because she wasn’t in close contact with the infected. She also stated it is unlikely the Texas lawmakers will meet with the president due to associated risks.

According to the CDC, infection after receiving the full vaccination series is rare. However, it can happen, and in many cases, often involves new variants. Its rarity is little comfort to a nation who just confirmed active cases in some of the highest political officials in the country.

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