Top Democrat’s Scary Elections Comment

Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, CA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This is terrifying.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.), advocated for federal involvement in state elections, saying that an election loss “cannot be left up to the states.”

Clyburn’s remarks, which come days after the first anniversary of the deadly Capitol riot where rioters set out to block Congress certifying President Biden’s win, support Senate Democrats’ approach to state-level elections.

In the days following the election, when the former President challenged election losses in key states, Trump’s efforts to find more votes were famously rebuffed by Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger.

However, the dispute reignited an argument regarding the role of the federal government in state elections; in particular, the function of federal officials in what many believe should continue being under local and state officials’ control.

Yet, the South Carolina Democrat believes federal officials should retain their roles in state elections because they understood the process.

Clyburn argued that federal officials should maintain the roles because most of these federal officials had “at one time served in some capacity at the state and local levels as well, so they too have an understanding.”

Citing Alexander Hamilton, Clyburn said that such elections “should not be left up to the states,” adding that the reason states were unable “to put term limits on federal officials” was to ensure the elections weren’t “solely conducted by the states.”

He continued his explanation by saying that this was also the reason “the voting rights act was necessary and that’s why the fifth amendment to the constitution, why the 18th amendment to the constitution are necessary” as the process had “to go beyond the states to determine.”

The congressman’s statements come as Senate Democrats continue to assert voting rights reform and a change to the filibuster that would make it easier to pass reforms.

Clyburn concluded his statements by saying it was time for Congress to “mature” and make “modifications” that “fit the times.”