Top Democrat Caught Conspiring in Private Chatrooms to Take Down Republican

Top Democrat Caught Conspiring in Private Chatrooms to Take Down Republican

( – When it comes to state politics, typically, each state stays in its own lane. That is why it’s unusual to hear accusations of one Secretary of State office trying to wage war with another one over a political stance.

The communications director under Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) allegedly participated in a group working to bring down the Secretary of State in West Virginia, Mac Warner, due to his stance against federalizing elections. Breitbart broke the story using public records provided by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) on November 15.

The director, Emily Cook, was part of a Slack channel, Declaration for American Democracy, which she’d allegedly run using her state email address. In communications on March 24, individuals discussed plans to go after Warner and alerted members he would be testifying in front of the US Senate that day. Messages identified Warner as supporting the “Stop the Steal” movement and pushed members to discredit him.

The issue here is Cook’s involvement as a representative of the Secretary of State’s office. Attacking the office in another state is unheard of and unacceptable. A PILF spokeswoman, Lauren Bowman, explained that using a non-public forum makes it appear as if Cook deliberately hid her membership in the group.

Upon receiving this information, Breitbart reached out to Bellows’ office asking for a comment. The publication also asked if there would be any disciplinary actions against Cook and if this was normal behavior for the Secretary of State’s office. There was no response from Bellows or Cook.

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