Top Democrat Blames Biden For Afghanistan Disaster

Top Democrat Blames Biden For Afghanistan Disaster

( – The bungled withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has become a stain on Joe Biden’s presidency. The situation has brought together the Left and the Right in expressing their unhappiness with the president’s decisions.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), a veteran and father of veterans, made it clear he is no fan of Biden in a September 6 press release. He expressed his disdain for the administration’s delay in evacuating Americans and allies from Afghanistan.

Blumenthal is upset about those left behind. He revealed he’s been working behind the scenes to help get people out. The Democrat said, “We cannot leave them behind.”

His main focus right now is on a number of planes reportedly sitting at the airport in Mazar-i-Sharif waiting to take off but unable to leave because the Taliban refuses to give clearance. He also notes there is no help coming from the US State Department to get these planes home. Blumenthal said he has a “singular focus” on getting the planes to Doha, the capital city of Qatar, where they can safely land.

The senator said he’s had enough of the bureaucracy and wants action now. He made it clear he expects Biden administration officials to do “everything in their power” to get people out of the Taliban-controlled nation.

The State Department explained it has limited ability to help the private organizations who are carrying out the rescue mission because it has no operatives on the ground and no control over the airspace. Officials say there are too many constraints for them to be able to help and that they will rely on the Taliban to honor its word and allow people to leave the country freely.

The Taliban refuses to admit there are planes unable to take off, dismissing the reports as propaganda.

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