Thousands Duped Into Buying Fake Vaccines, Report Confirms

Thousands Duped Into Buying Fake Vaccines, Report Confirms

( – Rumors about COVID-19, the pandemic, and related topics have been quite prevalent. Often these whispers are untrue, but sometimes proof arrives to show that the gossip is actually fact, which is what happened with the story about fake vaccines in India.

In Mumbai, fraudulent mobile clinics were giving COVID-19 vaccinations, and vaccination certificates, that were not real. Over 2,035 people paid for these services.

These counterfeit clinics injected people with what police say was salt water for two weeks, from May 25 to June 6. They gave out hundreds of these vaccines every day until law enforcement shut them down.

Public prosecutor Deepak Thakare addressed the situation in court on June 24, 2021, announcing the arrest of eight people in relation to the scheme. By June 25, police had arrested two more people, and all in custody face charges for “attempt to commit culpable homicide not amounting to murder.” The court ordered Maharashtra and Mumbai to file affidavits for new public health policies to prevent future fake vaccine scams.

This isn’t the only case of scammers trying to make money off the pandemic. A similar scheme to this one likely happened in Kolkata, affecting about 500 people. Fake certificates are big on the Russian black market, and 80 people received counterfeit vaccines in Mexico in April. Polish authorities also became aware of sham vaccinations but says nobody received them.

This is more evidence that people shouldn’t just brush aside rumors related to COVID-19. There seems to be proof that at least some of them are true.

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