They’re Trying to Drop Social Security Numbers for Welfare Handouts

They're Trying to Drop Social Security Numbers for Welfare Handouts

( – The infighting of Democrats in Congress over the Build Back Better Bill may be making the most headlines. Still, when people dig into what the legislation really does, they uncover some disturbing items. Among them, there’s a proposal that could potentially allow illegal immigrants to get free taxpayer money.

On page 1,647 of the bill is a provision that would change the US tax code to no longer require individuals to provide Social Security numbers for children when taking the Child Tax Credit. The change would open doors for illegal immigrants to get the credit.

Steven Camarota, a researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, estimates the cost, should the provision remain and the legislation pass, to be about $10.5 billion. As it stands now, the tax code requires a Social Security number for every child a parent wishes to claim as a way to verify them.

In addition to removing the requirement for Social Security numbers, the bill also seeks to suspend the work requirement for a year. A parent must have employment to get the credit, but many illegal immigrants cannot prove they work. Removing the stipulation could open more doors to undocumented individuals getting free money.

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