‘The View’ Cuts Off Guest for Sharing Accurate Information

'The View' Cuts Off Guest for Sharing Accurate Information

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The ABC daytime talk show “The View” is known for its liberal slant. A recent segment with former co-host Jedidiah Bila took a turn when the discussion over COVID-19 went sour.

Bila appeared on the show via remote satellite link. She was there to promote her book “Dear Hartley,” but Joy Behar brought up Bila’s unvaccinated status halfway through the segment. Behar even pointed out that the former “Fox & Friends” host was supposed to be in the studio, but because she wasn’t vaccinated and ABC has strict policies, she was not allowed to be there in person.

Bila calmly explained that she chose not to get the vaccine because she is not a candidate. She went on to say that she has consulted with her doctors and that she has high natural immunity with proof of the claim in letters from her doctors.

She also pointed out she is not against vaccines, but she feels each person should make his or her own decisions about personal health choices. Bila then said getting the vaccine does not prevent someone from spreading the virus.

At that point, Behar interrupted her, saying that was false information. Sunny Hostin chimed in that she couldn’t believe Bila would place her personal freedom over the health of others and continued to talk without letting the former host reply, saying spreading misinformation is not something the show could allow.

Bila restated her stance, and Whoopi Goldberg cut in to send the show to a break. The segment ended without Bila having a chance to address the claims of Behar and Hostin. Still, she did make a Twitter statement to defend what she said, linking to a CDC media release where the director affirms that vaccines do not prevent transmission.

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