The True 2024 GOP Nominee Finally Revealed

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

On a recent episode of Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy speculated that former President Trump stands a strong chance of winning the Republican presidential primary in 2024. He remarked that Trump’s current standing and influence surpass that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

During his discussion with host Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy highlighted Trump’s increased popularity, emphasizing the former president’s successful policies that prioritized America and boosted its economy. McCarthy noted the absence of inflation and international conflicts during Trump’s tenure, suggesting a stronger global image for the country.

Bartiromo shifted the conversation towards Gov. DeSantis’ interactions with congressional colleagues advocating for a government shutdown. McCarthy expressed skepticism over such a strategy, believing it would benefit the Democrats and potentially harm the military and border agents due to unpaid salaries.

McCarthy praised Trump’s strategic approach, pointing out his favorable polling against President Biden. While acknowledging his professional association with Gov. DeSantis, McCarthy was forthright in his belief that DeSantis doesn’t match Trump’s political prowess, attributing DeSantis’ electoral success partly to Trump’s endorsement.

While McCarthy’s remarks stopped short of an outright endorsement, they conveyed a positive sentiment towards the former president. It’s worth noting that McCarthy had previously caused some ripples by expressing uncertainty about Trump’s viability against Biden on CNBC. He subsequently rectified his statement, emphasizing Trump’s strength as an adversary to Biden.

Amidst this backdrop, McCarthy is navigating challenges within the House, particularly with the House Freedom Caucus, concerning ongoing budget negotiations. The caucus’s stance remains uncertain, even with Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy for the speakership.