The Pope Said It Again?

( – Weeks after apologizing for the controversy he created, Pope Francis angered leftists once again by suggesting gay men should not be ordained.

During a private meeting with around 200 priests at Rome’s Salesian Pontifical University, the pope allegedly said, “there is an air of frociaggine in the Vatican,” an offensive Italian term roughly translating to “f*****ness.”

The 87-year-old Argentine reportedly also suggested that young mеn with homosexual tendencies should not be allowed to enter the seminary.

This incident comes less than a month after Francis sparkеd outragе for using the same derogatory term during a private meeting with bishops on May 20.

According to Corriere della Sera, unnamed bishops latеr suggestеd the pope, as an Argentine, might not have realized the term’s offensiveness in Italian.

Following the initial backlash, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni issued a statement saying Francis, known for his outreach to LGBTQ+ Catholics, insisted there was “room for everyone” in the Catholic Church.

“The pope never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who were offended by the use of a term that was reported by others,” the spokesperson said at the time.

Moreover, the Vatican’s press office did not directly address the latest alleged misstep.

Instead, they referred to a statement released earlier about the meeting with the priests, where the pope emphasized the need to welcome gay people into the Church while exercising caution regarding their entry into seminaries.

Francis has previously been praised for making significant overtures towards the LGBTQ+ community during his 11-year papacy.

However, some Vatican observers argued these recent incidents undermine his authority and raise questions about the direction he envisions for the Catholic Church.

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