Ted Cruz Erupts Over Biden Keeping Children in Cages

Ted Cruz Erupts Over Biden Keeping Children in Cages

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Senate hearings can often get heated, especially when there are rifts between the political parties. During the November 16 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) drilled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about detention conditions for children at the border.

In a war of words, Cruz kept referring to the holding cells as cages, and Mayorkas refused to answer questions using the term. The senator asked how many children the Biden Administration held in cages in 2021, but the secretary replied that he objected to calling them cages. Cruz doubled down, saying it was fine to disagree with the use of the term but explained he’s been to the centers and seen the conditions. He asked the question again using the same wording.

Mayorkas said he didn’t understand to what cages the senator was referring. In a clearly exasperated tone, Cruz gave an elementary explanation of the enclosures. At that point, the secretary said he would have to get back to him with the number.

Not one to give up, Senator Cruz brought out a photo he had taken on his visit to the Donna detention center. It showed children in deplorable conditions, sleeping on cots. He asked the secretary how many children have lived in this situation, but Mayorkas continued to hold to his denial of children being in cages.

Cruz then asked if anyone in the Biden Administration has visited the facility or if any of his Democratic colleagues have done so. Again, Mayorkas could not give a straight answer.

The Texas senator may have been harsh, but the secretary could not or would not provide any concrete answers, which is not a good look for the already suffering Biden Administration.

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