Supreme Court Refuses To Stop Abortion Law In Texas

Supreme Court Refuses To Stop Abortion Law In Texas

( – Abortion remains a topic of debate since the Supreme Court ruled on it during the Roe v. Wade case in 1973. It is a highly controversial subject that inspires passion and conviction from both supporters and detractors. A recent shift in Texas’ legislation is once again renewing the fight for pro-choice advocates who feel it goes too far.

The new law bans abortions once a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat in the fetus. It originally went before the courts, who upheld it, on September 1. Justices voted 5 to 4 to deny a petition to stop the ban from taking effect the same day.

Abortion and women’s health providers continue to pursue litigation. Still, the law will remain in effect within the state until another judge strikes it down.

In the dissenting opinion, Justice Sonia Sotomayor called the law “flagrantly unconstitutional.” She says the legislation violates women’s right to choose. Sotomayor also accuses her court counterparts who upheld the ban of “burying their heads in the sand” when making the ruling.

An explanation from the majority justices states the ruling wasn’t based on the “constitutionality of Texas’s law.”

For pro-life advocates, the new law is a positive move towards the fight to end Roe v Wade. It’s also a good example of the influence former President Donald Trump had on the court. He nominated three conservative nominees, all of whom voted with the majority.

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