Students Revolt; Crazy Trans Policy Changed (video)

( – In a notable win for sanity and common sense, a school district in Pennsylvania has been forced by student protests to reverse course on a transgender policy and mandate bathroom use will be based on biological sex.

The controversy in Pennsylvania’s Perkiomen Valley School District became public after Tim Jagger, the father of a schoolgirl there, raised the issue on social media.

He disclosed his daughter got “too upset and emotionally disturbed” after encountering a biologically male transgender student in one of the school restrooms.

Public outrage escalated, leading students to stage a walkout in protest last month.

“I believe [the bathroom policy reversal] had to do with all the students and the students voicing their opinion,” Jagger told Fox News.

“That was huge, the student walkout that day and the community members coming through and talking at the board meeting, voicing their opinion. I believe that all this came together and worked on the school board members, and I was happy to see that they decided to change their policy,” he elaborated.

In a 5-4 vote, the Perkiomen Valley school board amended Policy 720 to mandate restroom use based on biological sex after a board member, Don Fountain, changed his mind from an earlier ballot.

The updated policy also made single-use bathrooms, previously reserved for teachers, available “regardless of gender” to all students and staff.

Jagger told Fox he thinks the school board wasn’t aware of the policy letting biological males in girls’ bathrooms.

“They went back to the 2018 Policy 103 where they added gender identity into that as basically a safety thing and nondiscrimination clause, and then nobody was really informed that it actually extended out to bathrooms until my daughter had her experience, and I reached out to the principal where I was told what the policy was, and I made a post online,” the father explained.

“Several school board members didn’t even realize it, so it basically brought it to their eyes and then the community’s eyes. And then the kids in the school, obviously they were not happy about it, either,” he added.

Last month, the student walkout organizer, John Ott, told Fox the protest sought to protect girls.

“Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom,” he stated.