Stranded Americans Rip Biden

( – Amid the chaos of Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel, several Americans found themselves stranded as the Biden administration advised them to rely on commercial airline bookings.

These attacks began after Hamas terrorists entered Israel on October 7, causing havoc by killing, kidnapping, and assaulting civilians, including Americans. This led to major American airlines suspending their flights to and from Israel.

One American, Sarah, detailed her experience of the ordeal.

According to emails she shared, the State Department offered no immediate evacuation plan, instead suggesting they book their own flights or consider land routes to Jordan or Egypt. Sarah expressed her disbelief, stating, “Telling a bunch of Jews to just drive into Jordan right now? Absurd.”

Sarah, along with her husband and friends, faced immense challenges, having to book numerous flights that often got canceled. They had concerns about reaching their credit card limits due to the constant booking. Sarah pointed out how privileged they were to have the means to do so, highlighting that this wasn’t the case for everyone.

Another American, Scott Harwell, visiting from Alabama, had four flights canceled before he managed to book one through one Ethiopian airline. He described the dire situation on the ground, including rocket sirens and having to seek shelter. Even when he finally boarded a flight, the plane was delayed on the tarmac due to ongoing rocket attacks from Hamas.

Former Texas Representative Mayra Flores mentioned that her American family was trapped in Israel. She criticized the Biden administration’s response, emphasizing the need for Americans traveling abroad to have their own contingency plans. Interestingly, her family visiting Israel from Mexico was promptly evacuated with assistance from the Mexican government, causing her to express frustration at the contrasting responses.

Florida’s Republican politicians, including Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Cory Mills, initiated their own evacuation missions for stranded Americans. One of the evacuees, Kenneth Berg, expressed his disappointment with the U.S. response, comparing it unfavorably to other nations’ efforts.