Southern Wall Being Built, Democrats Fuming

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

Texas has resumed the construction of a wall that will span the southern border of the state. On Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott posted a video on Social Media of him watching the crews that were beginning to build the wall.

The building of the wall had been temporarily paused because of negotiations with private property owners in the area.

In Abbott’s tweet, the governor wrote that Texas was constructing its own border wall. The tweet also has a video attached which shows a crane aligning a section of the wall with other panels. Construction workers are also on site making sure that the piece is nailed into the right place.

Abbott, who is visible in the video, is sitting next to a sign which reads “Securing the border.” The footage was originally taken on Jan. 30. The Texas governor has in the past been overly critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the U.S. border, claiming that their “open-border” policies had led to record numbers of illegal crossings.

In December Abbott announced that the state was going to resume its construction of the wall. This announcement came only a few months after the discussions between state officials and property owners led to an agreement that would allow the construction of the wall on their land.

The Texas Facilities Commission has approved a $167 million contract with Southwest Valley Constructors Co. for the completion of the nearly seven-mile border wall in the Del Rio area.

A second contract with BFBC of Texas is going to handle the seven-mile wall in the Rio Grande Valley.