‘Some Serious Heroes’ (Video)

Red light alert

(TheIndependentStar.com) – As selfless heroism seems to be becoming rare these days, a mind-blowing rescue of a semi-truck driver hanging from a bridge has captured the nation’s attention, as the first responders in Louisville, Kentucky, have been recognized as “some serious heroes” for their actions during the incident.

See the video of the heroic rescue below!

After the dramatic rescue operation on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Kentucky, Louisville’s Fire Chief, Brian O’Neill, commended the bravery and skill of the first responders involved.

“All the credit goes right here. These are some serious heroes. This was some really professional, well-practiced, well-trained stuff,” O’Neill stated during a press conference, cited by DNyuz.

“These men and women make me so proud. This motivates the heck out of me every day,” he added.

The firefighter who executed the rescue by rappelling down to the driver and ensuring her safety was identified as 29-year-old Bryce Carden, an expert in high-angle rescues.

“This guy is probably one of the nicest, happiest guys that you’ll ever want to meet in your life, and he is the exact right person to put down there to try to keep that patient calm,” commented O’Neill, discussing Carden’s role.

According to O’Neill, the situation represented a rare and extreme challenge, a “once in a career” type of event that is highly unusual and not typically anticipated.

“This is very much a worst-case scenario and something that you don’t expect to happen. This is a once in a career kind of thing,” he explained.

Carden shared that he felt confident during the rescue, knowing his team was supporting him and that the woman remained calm, aiding in her own rescue.

“I was not nervous at all going over the edge because I knew that they had me on the top side. Once I reached her, she was super calm, collected and helped me do what I needed to do to get her to safety, essentially. And it all worked out for the best, and we’ll go back to quarters and get ready to do it again if we have to,” Carden recounted.

He also noted the emotional aspect of the rescue, saying, “She was praying a lot, and I was praying right there with her.”

Reflecting on his career, Carden believes this operation surpasses all others in terms of significance and impact.

“We’ve definitely done a few crazy things, but yes, this tops it so far. Like I said, we trained for this situation probably a hundred times, but they actually put it in action. It felt good,” the hero said.

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