Russian State Media Declares Putin Upstaged Biden

Putin State Media Declares Putin Upstaged Biden

( – Relations between Russia and the United States have never been the best. When the US President meets with the Russian President, there is usually no real winner, and, to most people, that seems to be the case after the most recent meeting, the Geneva Summit.

However, the Russian media seem to have a different take on the June 16 meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, declaring that Putin clearly came out on top.

The Russian news outlets picked apart everything about the interactions between the two men and came to the conclusion both parties were trying to communicate, yet holding back from giving too much. The news organizations also made it clear they felt Putin came out of the talk much better than Biden.

RIA consulted with etiquette experts who said Biden’s choice of tie meant he had lost from the very start. Biden wore a light-blue tie, which they said showed “ a lack of confidence” and was “childish.” Putin wore a geometric-patterned burgundy one, which, according to the experts, signified his readiness to protect his country’s interests.

Body language experts also commented in a report from Komsomolskaya Pravda, saying Putin’s body language showed more independent confidence and stability while Biden’s aura spoke of someone who needed his people to back him up.

While the general consensus globally is that the discussion was an evenly split affair, Russian media appear determined to suggest that Putin emerged the victor.

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