Ron DeSantis Sending Migrants to Delaware, He Says

Ron DeSantis Sending Migrants to Delaware, He Says

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been outspoken about conservative values. He’s pressed back against many Biden administration policies, but his current issue with the White House is the handling of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border.

On November 11, DeSantis held a press conference where he spoke out about the president’s policy of having overnight flights transporting undocumented migrants to cities around the country. While the White House maintains they are necessary to care for minors coming across the border illegally, the governor says they are putting his citizens at risk, and he won’t allow it any longer.

DeSantis stated if Biden sends any more planes into Florida, he will load the people on buses headed for the president’s home state of Delaware.

The governor promised that Biden’s failure at the border will not impact his state. He refuses to pick up slack for the president’s lack of control over illegal immigration.

The flights into Florida have been happening since May, according to DeSantis. The Biden administration is loading planes with illegal immigrants in New York and sending them to other locations in the middle of the night. The governor said he received no information before the aircraft touched down in his state, but he will no longer allow them in and plans to take action if the practice continues.

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