DeSantis Appoints Surgeon General Who Is Against Mask Mandates

Ron DeSantis Puts Surgeon General In Charge Who Is Against Mask Mandates

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is known for rejecting mask mandates and other restrictive regulations pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic. He has let Floridians make their own decisions when it comes to everything from masks to vaccines. DeSantis has faced heavy criticism from those who oppose his position, but he hasn’t let that stop him.

The latest decision from the governor’s office is sure to raise more ire. On September 21, DeSantis named Joseph Ladapo as the state’s new surgeon general.

Ladapo has a background as a researcher at UCLA and holds a doctorate degree from Harvard. He is also a staunch supporter of Governor DeSantis’ stance on mask and vaccine mandates. He made this position clear in a press conference where he stated he is not supportive of regulations that take away personal choice.

Ladapo’s approach to the virus involves the promotion of good health. He said being healthy is one of the best ways to avoid complications from COVID-19, but he is not against vaccines and will include them in his measures to combat the pandemic.

The Democratic National Committee made a statement suggesting DeSantis’ appointment of Ladapo was only for political reasons. They said Ladapo will cause harm with his views on masks and vaccines.

The new surgeon general revealed plans to combat the twisting of narratives around COVID-19, which he feels is fueling the mistrust of vaccines. While he supports vaccination, he hopes to show people that it’s not the only option they have to stay healthy.

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