Ron DeSantis Defiantly Declares No Lockdowns

Ron DeSantis Defiantly Declares No Lockdowns

( – The COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to surge again as the new, highly transmissible Delta variant sweeps the country. Many governors and other officials at all levels are discussing potential lockdowns while instituting new mandates for facial coverings.

Throughout the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has stood firm in his support of personal freedom. He has continually defied recommendations from the CDC to allow people in his state the ability to make their own decisions.

As the beginning of the school year approaches, more pressure is on officials to follow CDC guidelines, but DeSantis is refusing to force the people in his state to obey.

Latest Words from the Governor

On August 3, 2021, Governor DeSantis answered reporters’ questions about the latest developments concerning the virus. He reiterated his stance that he will not put the state under a lockdown or implement mask mandates.

He said his office sees no trouble in hospitals, adding that a plateau is occurring with new cases. DeSantis remarked he will ensure schools and businesses stay open. He doubled down on his commitment to protect jobs and small businesses.

The governor explained that lockdowns have failed every step of the way. He also blamed the media for spiking fears among the public.

Previous Orders

Governor DeSantis signed an order on May 3, 2021, preventing overreach by the government and other entities concerning the pandemic. The legislation prevents local areas from shutting down schools or businesses.

By signing the bill, the governor also prevented businesses and governments from refusing service due to vaccine status. The legislation also bans vaccine passports. This means Floridians will get to make their decision about vaccination on the basis of their personal feelings on the matter.

Pushback Against DeSantis

Mandates throughout Florida have been popping up as mayors and businesses defy the governor’s orders. In Miami-Dade, there is a mask mandate in indoor areas. Orange County announced a mandate for all nonunion county employees to get the vaccine, and Disney World is requiring masks for everyone in all indoor areas within the park.

President Biden spoke out against governors, including DeSantis, who are going against mask and vaccine mandates. He said they need to “get out of the way” and allow people to “do the right thing.”

While DeSantis is not for taking away personal freedoms, he does support vaccinations. He encourages people to get the shot to help prevent serious cases of the virus. His stance in favor of personal freedom when it comes to lockdowns and masks is simply representing the feelings of his constituents and his strong commitment to upholding the values upon which the US stands.

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