Rittenhouse Spokesperson Slams White House

Rittenhouse Spokesperson Slams White House

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The trial for Kyle Rittenhouse gave the public insight into what really happened when the teen shot three others in Wisconsin last year. The way corporate media and those on the Left painted him as a white supremacist isn’t standing up against the evidence presented in court. With this vindication, Rittenhouse’s lawyer is ready to fight back against the public perception of his client.

On Fox, November 10, Attorney David Hancock told Laura Ingraham that Joe Biden called his client a white supremacist in campaign ads. He explained the advertisement was on Twitter and was a slam ad against then-President Donald Trump for not speaking out against Rittenhouse’s actions.

Hancock said this is only part of the false narrative created by media and the Left to tarnish his client’s character. He stated it is wrong and completely false. He accused the media of failing to report the truth and having no issues putting untrue information out to the public.

The attorney said it seems like Democrats and left-leaning media don’t want to do their due diligence on Rittenhouse’s case because they may learn the real information, which would go against the story they are trying to push.

When asked by Ingraham if he’s considering any lawsuits against anyone saying false things, the attorney said they are solely focused on the trial at hand right now.

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