Republicans Throw Trump Under The Bus

Maryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Trump won’t take this well!

Two Republican governors have come forward to say that former President Donald Trump will be a one-term President, stating the 45th President is not the GOP’s future.

Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland told Fox News on Sunday that “with America on the wrong path, the stakes are too high to double down on failure.”

The previous day, fellow Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas told Business Insider that the former President did not deserve another term in the White House, adding that Trump would not be representing the GOP in the 2024 Presidential election.

According to a report by Fox News, Hogan seconded that opinion, saying “My friend Governor Hutchinson is exactly right,” before adding that –– as was proven in Maryland –– the best path forward was for the GOP to focus “on the future” and implement “common-sense conservative solutions.”

At the annual National Governors Association, Hutchinson, chairman of the association, made more remarks about his belief Trump would not lead the GOP again.

Addressing reporters, Hutchinson said, “I do not believe Trump is the one to lead our party and our country again, as President.” He elaborated that his statements were based on the future, not past elections.

However, Hutchinson failed to name a potential candidate for the role of GOP leader, saying “that’s what the election is all about,” adding that “the Republican Party has many different voices,” emphasizing the importance of “those voices” but expressing they should be “concentrating on this election cycle.”

He added that these GOP voices were looking for “effectiveness” and “some level of bipartisanship” which he expressed hadn’t been seen yet.

Then according to a report by Fox News Digital, Hutchinson didn’t rule out a Presidential bid. However, he highlighted that he would concentrate on completing his term as Governor, adding that he wanted to be “a voice that talks about conservative, common sense ideas, and we’ll see where that leads.”