Republicans Say Nay to Afghan Visas

Republicans Say Nay to Afghan Visas

( – The events in Afghanistan on August 15 will go down in history as a major failure of the US government. The Biden administration admits it knew the terrorist organization would retake the Middle Eastern nation but thought the process would require more time.

Back on July 22, the House of Representatives took a vote to expand visa access for Afghans who would be most at risk if the Taliban regained power. The Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program passed overwhelmingly at 407-16. The only ones voting against were GOP representatives.

The 16 nay votes came from:

  • Andy Biggs (AZ)
  • Barry Moore (AL)
  • Bill Posey (FL)
  • Bob Good (VA)
  • Chip Roy (TX)
  • Jeff Duncan (SC)
  • Jody B. Hice (GA)
  • Kevin Hern (OK)
  • Lauren Boebert (CO)
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)
  • Matthew M Rosendale, Sr. (MT)
  • Mo Brooks (AL)
  • Paul A. Gosar (AZ)
  • Scott DesJarlais (TN)
  • Scott Perry (PA)
  • Thomas Massie (KY)

Some who voted not to speed up the visa process are now speaking out about Biden’s handling of the situation. Rep. Boebert (CO) has been rather vocal, saying the president moved too fast without providing proper security for allies left behind.

That seems hypocritical, considering she has a history of pushing the administration to move faster to get troops out of the nation. Not to mention the fact she did nothing to help make it easier to assist allies in getting out.

The US approach to Afghanistan has been a bipartisan loss. Not only is the president dropping the ball but some members of the GOP have blood on their hands as well.

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