Republicans Looking To Take Down Who?

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said if he is elected president next year, he will welcome Congress defunding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

DeSantis, who announced his entry into the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, made the comments at an appearance on The Dana Show.

During the conversation with radio host and Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch, DeSantis was asked if he would sign a congressional initiative to defund the IRS and what he would replace the system with.

Loesch queried DeSantis’ stance on tax and whether he was for a fair tax or a flat tax.

The Florida Governor explained that he believes the “IRS is a corrupt organization,” adding that he doesn’t think the agency is a “friend to the average citizen or taxpayer.”

DeSantis declared that there was a need for something “totally different.”

The Florida Governor noted that he had “supported all of the single rate proposals,” adding that those proposals “would be a huge improvement” to the existing system and would be “welcoming” to the idea of chucking the current system “out the window” and replacing it with a system that would be more affordable for the average American.

DeSantis, who has repeatedly targeted the IRS for its unfair practices and clampdown on the middle class, said last August that the Biden administration’s attempt to expand the IRS by 87,000 new agents was disrespectful.

At the time, DeSantis suggested that “all the things” to “come out of Washington that have been outrageous, [expanding the IRS] has to be pretty close to the top.”

DeSantis noted that the decision was “a middle finger to the American public” and “what they think of you.”