Rand Paul Says New Democrat Plan Will Target Everyday Americans

Rand Paul Says New Democrat Plan Will Target Everyday Americans

(TheIndependentStar.com) – As Democrats argue amongst themselves in Congress over their social spending bill, they are also trying to paint a better picture of the legislation. The main focus is on the cost of the bill, which Dems say will be nothing for the average American. However, Republicans have a different point of view.

The Problematic Narrative

Democrats, including officials in the White House, keep pushing the idea that this legislation won’t cost anything for anyone other than America’s superrich. Despite this angle, moderates within the party are refusing to spend the $3.5 trillion that would be required for the proposal currently on the table.

Their objection is not over how much it will cost ordinary Americans, though. They are refusing to pass it because they don’t want to spend that much money all at once.

Despite cultivating an image that they are working together to lower costs, liberals are simply adjusting the accounting period. It will end up costing the same amount, but over a more extended period of time. They are taking advantage of the system to move past objections from within their own group, refusing to give in to the idea that they’re going to incur too much debt.

A Senator Speaks Out

On October 18, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about the spending bill on Fox News. He was highly critical of the agenda, calling the Democrats’ tactic “fake accounting.”

Paul explained that lengthening the accounting period is achieving nothing more than putting a façade on the bill. This strategy won’t stop any damage the spending will ultimately cause the US and its citizens. He went on to say the idea that this spending is free, or that it’s only going to impact the rich, is absurd.

The senator said it would affect countless regular Americans. Part of the plan is to increase measures to monitor bank accounts. These new procedures will impact anyone who has $600 or more going in or coming out. If the rule passes into law, almost no American with a bank account will have any privacy from the agency.

The Result

There is very little that Republicans on Capitol Hill can do because they don’t hold the majority in either chamber of Congress. If creative accounting work can do enough to sway the two moderate holdouts in the Democratic party, the bill will roll on through. Once it does, everyone can expect to feel the impact, regardless of liberals’ promises.

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