PROOF: Democrats Desperate

( – In further proof that the Democrats are desperate, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) might nominate Joe Biden nearly a month before its August convention to stop calls for him to drop out of the race.

According to Bloomberg, party officials are considering an early nomination when the convention’s credentialing committee, which handles convention procedures, meets online on July 21. The party’s convention starts on August 19.

Democrats had planned an early virtual roll call vote to put him on the ballot in Ohio, which had a deadline earlier than the Democratic convention.

Though the vote is no longer needed—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a law in May waiving the requirement—the Democrat leaders changed the rules to allow the early nomination anyway. This move could now be used to stop the infighting over Biden’s candidacy.

Moreover, the idea could silence Democrats pushing for Biden to end his bid for a second term after a troubling debate performance on Thursday night.

The president often stumbled over his words and sometimes failed to string together coherent sentences to answer questions from CNN moderators and respond to attacks from former President Donald Trump.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris admitted in a post-debate interview with CNN that “there was a slow start” that was “obvious to everyone.”

Since then, many top Democratic commentators and left-leaning media outlets have called for Biden to step aside. The editorial boards of the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution both urged Biden to drop out.

However, almost any effort to remove Biden from the ticket would need his consent, and he has not indicated any plans to end his candidacy and free up his 99 percent share of the party’s delegates.

A post-debate CBS poll showed that 72% of voters think Biden lacks the mental and cognitive health to serve as president.

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