PROOF: Conviction Helping Trump

( – Marking a historic moment for all the wrong reasons, former President Donald Trump’s conviction in his New York hush money trial could potentially see him serving prison time.

However, this development has not dampened the enthusiasm surrounding his 2024 campaign efforts.

In fact, the surge of support was so immense that the official GOP fundraising site crashed shortly after the verdict’s announcement.

“The American people see through Crooked Joe Biden’s rigged show trial,” Trump’s campaign stated on X.

It added, “So many Americans were moved to donate to President Trump’s campaign that the WinRed pages went down. We are working on getting the website back online as quickly as possible.”

A GOP source confirmed this overwhelming response, which shows that the Republican donation platform WinRed was struggling to handle the traffic influx.

Despite the guilty verdict, Trump’s staunchest supporters remain undeterred and some even feel more motivated by the court’s decision.

“All of the charges are contrived,” said Robert Bigelow, a major donor who has contributed over $9 million to a pro-Trump group, as reported by Reuters.

Minutes after the verdict, Trump’s campaign launched a fundraising email, framing the former president as a “political prisoner.”

“I was just convicted in a RIGGED political Witch Hunt trial: I DID NOTHING WRONG!” the email proclaimed. It also expressed that “Joe Biden’s chances of a 2nd term END TODAY!”

Polls show varying reactions among voters: 17% say a guilty verdict would make them less likely to support Trump, while a substantial 67% stated that the conviction would not influence their decision in the upcoming November election.

History has shown that Trump has benefitted from the Democratic-led witch hunts over the years.

Following last year’s release of his mugshot in relation to his 2020 election conspiracy case in Georgia, his campaign capitalized on the image and generated millions in donations.

Furthermore, Trump has offered pieces of the suit worn in the mugshot and trading cards as incentives in his fundraising initiatives.

Despite being the first U.S. president to be convicted of a crime, Trump’s campaign continues to advance strongly with a lead over Joe Biden in the national poll averages.

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