Presidential Candidate’s Aunt Murdered

( – In a disturbing turn of events, former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s aunt Caroline Sinavaiana was brutally murdered.

Sinavaiana, who was a renowned Samoan academic and writer, was murdered by another well-known Samoan author, 57-year-old Papalii Sia Figiel.

While she was initially charged with manslaughter on May 26, the charges against her were later upgraded to murder after new evidence and details emerged.

The Samoan Police Service (SPS) Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo disclosed that the weapons used in the alleged murder were a hammer and a knife, which inflicted multiple stab wounds on the 78-year-old academic.

Reports also suggested that an argument between Figiel and Gabbard at the GaluMoana Theater in Vaivase-Uta escalated to the fatality.

According to Hawaii News Now, the theater on Figiel’s property was a scene of mentorship that turned tragic, with Gabbard being a guiding figure in Figiel’s life.

Commissioner Auapaau detailed the aftermath of the incident, noting that Figiel spent time with a friend after the altercation and confessed to the crime over breakfast the following morning.

“She came with her friend to the Police Station to report it and when Police went to her home to check they found the deceased’s body there,” Auapaau said.

Moreover, the news of Gabbard’s death has deeply affected her family and friends, especially her brother, Senator Mike Gabbard (D-HI). He recounted how Caroline had significantly influenced his youth, steering him away from trouble.

“I could have ended up in prison and I was … getting into all kinds of nonsense,” the Senator said. “But she just said ‘Hang in there. Mike. God loves you. Mom and Dad love you. Just stick with it.’”

Senator Gabbard also expressed frustration over the lack of direct communication from the SPS, having to rely on media reports for information about his sister’s murder.

Friends remembered Caroline Gabbard as a peaceful, private individual who supported and inspired many in the literary world.

“She was a kindred spirit, a brilliant writer and supporter of writers. A peaceful and calm person,” a friend recounted. “Someone who did not deserve to die like that. She was a very private person despite being a giant in the literary world.”

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