Popular CNN Host FIRED

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Here’s what happened.

Long-time CNN host Chris Cuomo was fired due to many recent allegations of him trying to find information about one of his brother’s accusers. The network or Cuomo have yet to make a statement following his release. The network previously suspended him due to his involvement in his brother’s case. The case was made while Andrew Cuomo was still in office with several women coming out and stating that the former Governor sexually assaulted them.

CNN network has released Chris Cuomo for allegedly being too involved in his brother’s sexual assault case. At first the network suspended the host for his actions but they soon realized that he was much more connected with his brother’s case than what was initially brought out. They swiftly fired the CNN host for his actions but they have stated that they will continue to investigate the former host’s involvement with the former New York Governor’s case.

The network has also stated that they will not stop investigating even though Cuomo has been terminated from the company. The company stated that they understood that he had to put family over his job during his suspension but after further details released they had to fire him immediately. Many viewers of the network were shocked to hear the news with many of them stating that it was rightfully deserved.

CNN President Jeff Zucker stated in a company memo that the decision to fire Cuomo was “not easy” and stated that there were a lot of different factors involved while making this decision.