Popular Actor Dead

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Dabney Coleman, an iconic figure in the Hollywood landscape renowned for his portrayals of antagonistic characters in popular 1980s comedies such as “9 to 5” and “Tootsie,” has passed away.

At the age of 92, his passing marks the end of a notable era in cinematic history, The New York Post writes in a report.

His demise was confirmed by his daughter, Quincy Coleman, who announced that he died at his residence in Santa Monica, California, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a heartfelt statement, she described her father’s philosophical approach to life and his dynamic character traits.

“My father crafted his time here on Earth with a curious mind, a generous heart and a soul on fire with passion, desire and humor that tickled the funny bone of humanity,” she remarked.

“As he lived, he moved through this final act of his life with elegance, excellence and mastery,” Quincy Coleman noted further.

She eloquently celebrated his multifaceted role in life and his enduring impact.

“A teacher, a hero and a king, Dabney Coleman is a gift and blessing in life and in death as his spirit will shine through his work, his loved ones and his legacy … eternally.”

The Post noted that her words encapsulate the legacy that Coleman leaves behind, one that transcends his physical presence.

While the exact cause of his death has not yet been disclosed, it is known that Coleman withdrew from a scheduled appearance at the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey in April, citing health issues, as reported by TMZ.

Coleman’s illustrious career was highlighted by his standout performance as Franklin Hart Jr., the detestably sexist and duplicitous boss in the 1980 comedy “9 to 5.”

The film, which also featured performances by Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton, remains a significant part of his career portfolio.

Additionally, his role as a chauvinistic television director in the 1982 acclaimed film “Tootsie,” alongside Dustin Hoffman, further cemented his reputation for playing memorable villainous characters.

Over the course of six decades, Coleman was a perennial figure in the entertainment industry, achieving recognition on multiple occasions for his acting prowess.

Notably, he was nominated for six Emmy Awards and secured a win in 1987 for outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or a movie for his role in “Sworn to Silence.”

His career, as documented on his IMDB page, boasts nearly 180 acting credits, underscoring a prolific and impactful tenure in the world of acting.

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