Police Sniper’s Amazing Kill Shot (Video)

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a heroic deed, recent video footage showed the amazing skills of a police sniper who landed a headshot on an armed hostage-taker in Fort Myers, Florida.

Watch the video further down this post.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), the suspect was identified as 36-year-old Sterling Ramon Alavachethe, who attempted a robbery at a Bank of America branch near Bell Tower Shops.

In the video, an LCSO Special Operations Unit (SOU) sniper trained his weapon on Alavache while another officer negotiated with him. The sniper’s barrel rests on the shoulder of another officer in what Lt. Todd Olmer described as “a team member-supported firing position.”

The first 911 call reported that Alavache jumped over the counter, claimed he had a bomb, and ordered everyone out of the bank. In the audio, you can hear, “Get your head on the ground!” and “I don’t wanna shoot you!” among other phrases.

Moreover, Alavache had taken a man and a woman hostage. The surveillance footage showed him holding a female hostage in a headlock, partially obscured by a computer monitor from the officers’ view.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno said, “At one point during negotiations, he became physical. He began to put one of the hostages in a headlock and he had a knife to her throat.”

“I might act out, too. I get it, I can empathize with that situation. Believe me, I can, okay?” the negotiator told Alavache. “And I want to be able to help you with that, right? As somebody else who has kids, I want to be able to help you with that. 100%.”

“You heard me? Come on, Alavache, right? Keep talking to me. Keep talking to me. Let me know what’s going through your head right now, what concerns you have. I want to make sure you’re the most relaxed,” he continued.

Just then, the sniper fired. A hole appeared in the computer monitor, and Alavache collapsed from the shot, while two hostages ducked and fled in opposite directions.

“Due to the suspect’s limited exposure, the sniper took a planned and deliberate shot through the computer monitor, striking the suspect in the center of the forehead, killing him instantly,” Lieutenant Olmer explained.

Subsequently, Alavache was a convicted felon with “an extensive criminal history to include drug trafficking, aggravated assault, and carrying a concealed firearm from several states.”

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