Police Officers Attacked For Insane Reason

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

Social media is ablaze with criticism following video of police officers posing for pictures with former President Donald Trump.

On Sunday (July 9), a video posted on Twitter by Dan Scavino, a top advisor on Trump’s 2024 campaign and a former deputy chief of staff in the White House, showed law enforcement officials waiting for the former president on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport.

Law enforcement officials can be seen cheering as Trump exits a car and greets them. After that, Trump takes a picture in front of his private jet with the police. Later, he and many officers pose for selfies and shake hands.

Scavino captured the video, “HAPPENING NOW at Los Angeles International Airport.”

Scavino’s video drew criticism for law enforcement was criticized for participating in a picture op with Trump, who is now leading the Republican primary campaign, while in uniform and ostensibly on duty.

In a tweet that received more than 90,000 views, Christopher Webb stated, “Not LA cops doing a Trump photo op on our taxpayer’s dime.”

Another Twitter user chimed in, suggesting the display “should piss off every taxpayer of LA,” yet another described it as “disgraceful.”

Others pointed out that Trump is accused of numerous federal and state crimes, facing two indictments and dozens of charges. 

It wasn’t immediately obvious why Trump was in Los Angeles. However, his presence at the airport occurred after he attended UFC 290 in Paradise, Nevada, on Saturday (July 8), following an appearance at a Clark County volunteer recruitment drive earlier in the day.