Police Officer Kills Motorcyclist With What?

Photo by Hans Ripa on Unsplash

The New York legal authorities are probing into a fatal incident in the Bronx on Wednesday, where a biker lost his life after a cooler, allegedly thrown by an NYPD sergeant, struck him in the head.

Following the tragic event, Sgt. Erik Duran faced suspension without remuneration on Thursday, as confirmed by the police department.

The NYPD has pledged to conduct an exhaustive, transparent review of the occurrence to ascertain the exact circumstances and decide the subsequent measures. They shared their commitment to the investigation on X, previously recognized as Twitter.

Reports suggest that Duran launched a cooler at Eric Duprey, aged 30, when Duprey tried to escape on a friend’s motorcycle after allegedly making a drug deal with an undercover agent. This information comes via The Associated Press.

After the cooler hit him, Duprey lost his balance, causing the motorcycle to crash near a tree. Unfortunately, he was declared deceased shortly after the accident, as cited by AP.

The final cause of Duprey’s death will be concluded by the city’s medical examiner. Moreover, the NYPD highlighted that their Force Investigation Division will collaborate with the legal authorities in the ongoing probe.