Peppa Pig Causes British Accent in Binge-Watching American Kids

Peppa Pig Causes British Accent in Binge-Watching American Kids

( – During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020, many parents found themselves desperate to find ways to entertain their children. Many turned to television shows aimed at preschoolers to keep them occupied. Screen time limits went out the window, leaving kids often watching hours of their favorite shows every day.

Parrot Analytics says one of the most popular children’s shows during this time was Peppa Pig. A English cartoon about a pig family, who just happen to also speak with a British accent, was higher in demand than 98.9% of all other children shows in the US.

Children, like little sponges, soak up everything they see and hear. In this case, consistent exposure to Peppa Pig is at the heart of an interesting trend.

Parents report their little ones are beginning to sound very British.

American children who watch this program have begun using British sayings and terms, such as Father Christmas instead of Santa Claus, or holiday rather than vacation. They also pronounce certain words differently, using British pronunciations for words such as basil and zebra, or saying mummy instead of mommy.

Some parents love the exposure to a different culture and feel it is a great influence on their children. Others find it, frankly, more than a little annoying. Good news is as kids grow out of this stage, and move onto other shows, they’ll likely lose the accent and associated colloquialisms. So, this isn’t forever – embrace how adorable it is while it lasts.

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