Obama Daughter Mocked

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Malia Obama, daughter of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, has sparked controversy by using only her first and middle names professionally, now going by Malia Ann.

This name change came to light during the Sundance Film Festival where she debuted her short film, “The Heart”. The film industry and general reaction to her professional rebranding has led to some branding her as a “nepo baby”, which suggests that she is relying on her famous family’s ties for success in the film industry.

An X user pointed out her step to be seen under a new light, stating, “Obama’s daughter trying to sneak past Nepo baby discourse by not using her last name. Bro you are Obama’s [daughter].” Their evidence, a short film under the moniker Malia Ann, was made public with the month’s past. The social network user goes on, “if you wanna be a filmmaker that’s cool, but we all know who you are, you’re Obama’s daughter. You can’t hide that.”

However, not all responses were critical. Many praised Malia’s creativity and individual spirit. “I don’t think she thinks people won’t know she’s [Obama’s] daughter. I think she’s just trying to have her own name in her field which I think is fine actually!!!” one positive post mentioned. Echoing this, another social media account highlighted, “We literally WATCHED MALIA GROW UP…There isn’t even another famous ‘Malia’ out there. When I saw this vid on YouTube weeks ago, I took it as her stating her work is HERS, as an individual, and not her family’s.”

Malia’s forename-only stage name is observed by some as a trailblazer, given that well-known artists like Nicholas Cage, who was born a Coppola, and Angelina Jolie, who forewent her father, Jon Voight’s, surname, have made similar demonstrations of meritocratic ambitions.

The eldest Obama child, Malia, is no outsider to the convolutions of Hollywood’s distinguished mazes. Bring up her role in the former President’s parlor; she had apprenticeships that introduced her to both Hollywood’s gilded grandstands and screenwriting via various footrooms on high-profile requests, including the long spreads at the CBS series “Extant”, HBO’s known as “Girls”, and more lately, the mind in “Swarm”, Donald Glover’s lauded channel.

Glover, an accomplished voice across current tv and film media, underhanded a recent blazon as well, “Malia is an amazingly talented person. Her writing style is great.”