NYC Mayor Picks Fight With Republican Governor

Photo by Mike C. Valdivia on Unsplash

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ team has responded to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ offer to educate the Florida Governor on “values.”

On Monday, DeSantis started his pro-police tour around different Democrat-run cities in New York. In response to the tour, Adams welcomed DeSantis to the state with a written statement. He then proceeded to note that in New York City they did not “ban books’ ‘, promote LGBTQ+ discrimination, “use asylum seekers as props’ ‘, or prohibit women from accessing health care. He proceeded to say that he would be happy to teach DeSantis about “values” during his visit.

DeSantis’ team was quick to respond, with DeSantis campaign spokeswoman Christina Pushaw replying that in the past year, more Americans left NYC than any other large city. She added that Florida was the most popular relocation destination for Americans. She further added that crime was a large part of why many were leaving NYC, while the crime rate in Florida had reached a “50-year low.” She then concluded by suggesting that Adams should perhaps get a lesson from DeSantis.

On Monday morning, DeSantis started his tour by meeting with police officers and law enforcement union officials in Staten Island. He is then set to continue on to Fort Washington, a Philadelphia suburb, and Elmhurst, Illinois, where he will meet with more law enforcement officials and the city sheriffs. The tour is meant to be an opportunity for DeSantis to tout the success of his efforts to support law enforcement in Florida and the positive effects it has had in the reduction of crime rates.