NOW: Netanyahu Tells Zelenskyy ‘No’

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

( – In what may be an attempt not to divert attention from Israel’s grave security situation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected an offer by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to visit the Jewish State in solidarity.

US ally Israel was invaded by Palestinian terrorists from Hamas from the Gaza Strip on October 7, an attack that many commentators claim was aided by Putin’s Russia to distract the West from its war against Ukraine.

Ukraine has been fighting off Moscow’s invasion for over 600 days, surviving the Russian onslaught primarily thanks to the massive US and other Western military aid.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s request for a solidarity visit to Israel, according to Israeli news sources, The Daily Caller reports.

Zelenskyy expressed his condemnation of Hamas attacks and reiterated Israel’s “full right to defend itself,” drawing parallels to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a statement made on October 7.

The Ukrainian leader had sought to visit Israel to demonstrate his support. Still, Netanyahu turned down the request, citing that he believed “it’s not the right time,” according to Israeli source

Zelenskyy had intended to include Israel as part of his broader European tour because a standalone trip was not feasible due to Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive, as reported by Ynet.

However, according to the reports, Netanyahu expressed his willingness to welcome a visit from Zelenskyy in the future.

In subsequent comments, Zelenskyy revealed that he had a phone conversation with Netanyahu a day after Hamas initiated attacks against Israel.

He drew a comparison between these attacks and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has resulted in the loss of nearly half a million lives, as reported by Reuters.

The Ukrainian leader emphasized the importance of world leaders visiting Israel to show their support for the people.

“On Israel, I recall the early days of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine. This was the worst tragedy, with many people killed. It was critical not to feel alone,” he said.

Since October 7, over 1,300 Israelis have lost their lives due to Hamas attacks, and more than 120 individuals, including Americans, have been taken hostage.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a comprehensive counteroffensive, including airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, and is preparing for a ground assault in the region to eliminate Hamas forces.