Nikki Attacks Trump (Video)

Nikki Haley

( – In a bizarre attack on Donald Trump, his last remaining rival for the 2024 GOP nomination, Nikki Haley, has accused the former president of losing multiple elections for the Republican Party – even as she keeps losing the primaries to him by dozens of points.

See the video of Haley’s comments below!

In an interview on the debut episode of “The Hill Sunday” aired by NewsNation, Haley argued that Trump’s presidency has adversely affected Republican electoral prospects nationwide.

“Since Trump took office, since he became president, [Michigan] lost the governorship, they lost the state house, they lost the state Senate from there. I went to Minnesota, the exact same thing happened. I went to Colorado, no Republican has gotten over 45 percent statewide since Donald Trump became president. You go to Virginia, same thing. Glenn Youngkin was able to win governor but he had to keep Donald Trump away from him,” Haley told host Chris Stirewalt of NewsNation.

“This is the fact that everything Donald Trump does, he loses,” the former South Carolina governor added.

Moreover, she pointed to polling data suggesting her competitiveness against President Biden in a hypothetical general election scenario. She claimed her candidacy had the potential to unify and energize the GOP.

“I defeat Joe Biden by 18 points. This is more than the presidency. It’s House, it’s Senate, it’s governorships at school board. It’s about getting our country back on track because if you go in to D.C. with a double digit win, you go in and you stop the wasteful spending happening by Republicans and Democrats and get our economy back on track,” Haley insisted.

In response to Haley’s remarks, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung dismissed the primary race’s competitiveness, citing Trump’s consistent primary victories.

“Republican voters have delivered resounding wins for President Trump in every single primary contest and this race is over. Our focus is now on Joe Biden and the general election,” Cheung said.

The Hill, which has the same owner as NewsNation, points out that Haley’s comments were made as the political landscape heats up ahead of Super Tuesday when 16 states will hold primaries.

It claims that, despite trailing behind Trump by considerable margins in polls, Haley remains a significant contender.

Notably, in a hypothetical match-up against Biden, polling data from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ indicates Haley has a slight advantage of almost 4 points.