New Revelations About Supreme Court Justice Attacker

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

This is shocking.

Nicholas Roske, the 26-year-old charged with attempted murder after he tried to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and was arrested outside the Justice’s home, allegedly called the police on himself before executing his plan.

The revelation was made when Maryland authorities released the 911 call records leading to Roske’s arrest.

In the 1 a.m. Wednesday (June 8) phone call, Roske, who is from Simi Valley, California, said, “I need psychiatric help.”

Roske had called a cab to Kavanaugh’s home, arriving one block from the Supreme Court Justice’s residence before being arrested by the police. The California resident can be heard telling the operator that he arrived at Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

The California resident — who revealed that he has suicidal and homicidal thoughts, in addition to the intention to assassinate Kavanaugh, according to court records — seemingly abandoned his plans against the Supreme Court Justice despite the extensive measures taken to execute his plans.

The 26-year-old traveled thousands of miles by plane, with burglary tools, a gun, and stealth boots that would allow him to remain unheard inside a home, but abandoned his plans at the last minute when approaching the Justice’s house.

Roske also made two calls to 911. The first call was short as he told the operator he would search for a street sign to give his location, calling back a few minutes later.

In the second call, Roske reveals he has “been having [homicidal and suicidal thoughts] for a long time,” adding that he is from California before stating he made the trek to Maryland to “act on” the thoughts he had been having.

He then elaborates on his plans, mentioning possibly harming himself and others and discussing his firearms.

“I brought a firearm with me, but it’s unloaded and locked in the case. … It’s in a suitcase. It’s a black suitcase… I’m standing near it, but the suitcase is zip-tied shut. I just came from the airport,” a distressed Roske states.

Before making the call, Roske made it to Kavanaugh’s Maryland home, but after seeing two deputy U.S. Marshals, who are part of Kavanaugh’s security team, Roske walked away, turned the corner and called law enforcement on himself.

Roske also revealed his desire to be fully compliant with law enforcement saying, in the phone call released by Montgomery County Police Department on Thursday (June 9): “I’m standing now, but I can sit, whatever. I want to be fully compliant.”

He continued telling the 911 dispatcher, “So whatever they want me to do, I’ll do.”