New 2024 GOP Candidate Shocks Liberals

Photo by John Bakator on Unsplash

The latest GOP Presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, revealed to Newsmax on Wednesday (February 22) that he believes the U.S. is suffering from a “national identity crisis.”

Speaking on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Ramaswamy asserted that he was “staying true to my reason for doing this.”

Ramaswamy repeated remarks he made earlier on Fox News, saying the United States is “in the middle of a national identity crisis,” that meant “faith, patriotism, [and] hard work” has been replaced by “secular religions in America, ‘woke-ism,’ ‘climate-ism,’ ‘COVID-ism,’ [and] gender ideology.”

Ramaswamy suggested the “conservative movement” could fill the identity vacuum with “something so meaningful that it dilutes these woke agendas to irrelevance.”

Ramaswamy, who was once a former biotechnology executive, explained that he was running on reintroducing conservative values and what it means to be an American rather than “channeling somebody else’s agenda.”

Ramaswamy also explained that he had spent three years developing his agenda, adding he was looking “forward to sharing [his agenda] with the country.”

Ramaswamy entered the race on Tuesday, making him the third Republican to enter the race, following former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump.

Although Trump is Ramaswamy’s rival, the businessman and author shared that it was Trump’s run in 2016 that inspired him to run despite having no prior political experience.

Ramaswamy claimed watching Trump as an “outsider” encouraged him to consider a Presidential campaign seriously.

He added that while he respected Trump’s America-First philosophy, he believed it was time for “America First 2.0,” which would take the philosophy to the “next level.”