Netanyahu Fights Back – Video

( – During a recent CNN interview, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fought back the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) recent move to issue an arrest warrant against him and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for alleged war crimes in Gaza.

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The ICC warrants were sought for actions including the Israeli Defense Forces’ “total siege of Gaza” as well as for war crimes committed by Hamas leaders against Israeli civilians on October 7.

The Israeli prime minister denounced the ICC’s actions as “outrageous” and labeled Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan a “rogue prosecutor that has put false charges and created false symmetries that are both dangerous and false.”

Netanyahu also stirred controversy by comparing himself with historical figures like Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).

Khan “equates the democratically elected leaders of Israel with the terrorists, tyrants of Hamas,” Netanyahu told CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “That’s like saying that, well, I’m issuing arrest warrants for FDR, Churchill, but also for Hitler.”

His comments reflected Israel’s significant international backlash regarding its military strategies in Gaza, particularly against Hamas.

The ICC’s pursuit of arrest warrants has united Israeli and American politicians from various spectrums, who argue that the court is unfairly targeting Israel by creating “false equivalences.”

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s far-right National Security Minister, labeled the move “anti-semitic,” and former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called it a “huge boost to global Jihadi terror.”

Furthermore, Netanyahu extended his comparisons to include former U.S. President George W. Bush and likened Hamas leaders to Al-Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden.

He also defended the Israeli military’s record in minimizing civilian casualties, asserting that their efforts in densely populated urban warfare were comparatively effective.

“The ratio of civilians to combatants killed is the lowest in the history of urban war, certainly dense urban warfare like this. It’s about one-to-one,” he claimed.

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