MTG Slams House GOP

( – Even though the US House of Representatives has finally and deservedly punished radical left US Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her anti-Israel and pro-Islamist terrorist rhetoric, one Republican congresswoman is infuriated that the House GOP didn’t go far enough in doing so.

On Wednesday, Tlaib (D-MI) was censured in a 223-188 vote for calling for Israel’s destruction and condoning the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas for its October 7 massacre in the Jewish State.

US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attacked her House Republican colleagues for not voting in favor of her own censure motion against the radical leftist, as she considered the approved one too lenient on Tlaib.

The censure motion adopted by the House was put forth by her fellow Georgia Republican colleague, Rich McCormick.

However, MTG said McCormick’s version was too lenient because it omitted any mention of the October 18 protest against Israel, which she labeled as an “insurrection.” In her latest resolution, she amended the term to “illegal occupation.”

Greene’s discontent was due to what she perceives as Tlaib’s “anti-Semitic beliefs. She was particularly displeased with 23 House Republicans who sided with Democrats to table her resolution.

She argued that Tlaib should be held to the same standard as former President Donald Trump and others, equating the support for Hamas shown during a House office building protest on October 18 to the actions of January 6 protesters.

“I ran for Congress because I was one of those people who was constantly disappointed and disgusted with Republicans in Congress. And I find myself in the same position, and I am a Republican member of Congress,” MTG told The Daily Caller.

“We had 23 Republicans that voted with the Democrats to table my resolution because they claimed they were protecting what she did to leave freedom of speech, which is jaw-dropping to me because I wasn’t silencing her freedom of speech. I wanted her censured for her speech,” she elaborated.

“These same Republicans that I served with, none of them have done anything about the Department of Justice, and how they every single day, go after January 6 defendants, they go after parents, they go after pro-lifers. They go after President Trump… Republicans up here in Washington, they don’t care about any of that,” Greene added.

She opined that McCormack’s resolution, which diverged from hers, was effectively just a “little slap on the wrist” for Tlaib.