MTG Calls THIS Congresswoman ‘Disgusting’

( – Much to the left’s enjoyment, a regrettable new bout of bickering between Republican congresswomen has seen US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slam her colleague, US Rep. Nancy Mace, as “disgusting” after the latter refused to back House Majority Leader Steve Scalise for speaker.

In an X post on Thursday, Greene (R-GA) blasted Mace (R-SC) over accusations of racism against Majority Leader Steve Scalise.

MTG argued that her colleague had resorted to utilizing what she termed “Democrat talking points,” labeling them insubstantial accusations of bias.

On Wednesday, Scalise won the GOP nomination for the House speakership with 123 votes vs. 99 votes for House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Even though Jordan urged all Republicans to back his competitor, several GOP House members, including Mace, have refused to support Scalise.

Earlier this month, eight conservative Republicans helped topple former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) by siding with the Democrats in a motion to vacate the vote.

In her statement, Greene supported Jordan’s attempt to succeed McCarthy but condemned Mace’s “unfair and quite frankly disgusting attack” on nomination winner Scalise.

“Members of our conference [are] using Democrat talking points, using the same lines of attack that Democrats use against every single Republican, every single election, every single day, in these halls of Congress to attack Steve,” she wrote.

“He isn’t a White Supremacist. We all know that. He’s a good man,”

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, Mace stated that she couldn’t support Scalise due to his alleged connections with white supremacists.

“I’ve been very vocal about this over the last couple of days. I personally cannot in good conscience vote for someone who attended a white supremacist conference and compared himself to David Duke. I would be doing an enormous disservice to the voters that I represent in South Carolina if I were to do that,” Mace said.

She alluded to reports that Scalise had been present at a white supremacist conference in the early 2000s and had once drawn a parallel between himself and Duke, a previous grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Greene lambasted Mace’s suggestion that “half the [GOP] conference supports a white supremacist,” as this provided “Dems ammunition against half our conference.”