Mickey Mouse, Cinderella Want What?!

(TheIndependentStar.com) – As incredible as this may sound Disneyland’s beloved characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Cinderella, are aiming to unionize.

The campaign was announced on Tuesday by labor organizers who stated that performers are seeking better safety conditions and scheduling policies.

Currently, most of the more than 35,000 workers at the Disneyland Resort are part of labor unions, but approximately 1,700 performers and character actors are not.

“This isn’t one of those situations where we’re out making the employer the bad guy,” said Kate Shindle, president of Actors’ Equity Association, which aims to represent the performers. “It is uniquely important Disney remains a place that people view as magical, and I think that (unionizing) will improve that across the board.”

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, along with the Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment area, are operated by Disney in Anaheim. Disneyland is the company’s oldest park and was the second-most visited theme park worldwide in 2022, attracting 16.8 million visitors.

Union cards started being circulated last week to initiate forming a labor union under Actors’ Equity Association which represents actors and stage managers and already has members among theatrical performers at Walt Disney Co.’s Florida theme parks.

The exact number of cards returned has not been disclosed but the aim is to collect signatures from more than half the performers. This would allow them to request Disney’s voluntary recognition of the union without proceeding to a vote through the National Labor Relations Board a process expected to take weeks.

Disneyland officials have stated they support the cast members’ right to a confidential vote on the matter.