Meghan McCain Goes After Top Republican

Steve Jozefczyk, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Meghan McCain criticized Congresswoman Lauren Boebert this weekend after a video emerged, suggesting the Colorado representative and a man engaged in inappropriate behavior during a Beetlejuice musical performance in Colorado.

Facing backlash, Boebert was asked to leave the Sunday show. Although she initially refuted claims of vaping during the performance at Denver’s Buell Theatre, surveillance footage indicated otherwise, leading her to apologize. The video seems to depict Boebert and a man behaving intimately and her capturing photos during the play. She was subsequently ushered out, making a derogatory gesture to the staff.

McCain, a well-known GOP commentator and daughter of the late Senator John McCain, took to social media platform X (previously Twitter) to voice her thoughts.

“Lauren Boebert’s actions are disgraceful. She publicly criticizes the LGBT community, yet is caught in inappropriate conduct in a theater where children might be present. Is this ‘family values’? It’s moments like these that lead people to call the GOP hypocritical,” McCain expressed.

McCain juxtaposed Boebert’s actions with her conservative views on LGBTQ+ rights. Boebert, known for her conservative values, has vocally opposed LGBTQ+ rights and has previously called for boycotts against companies supporting Pride events. She has also controversially linked the LGBTQ+ community to inappropriate behaviors involving children.

While Boebert apologized for her vaping—which violated the theater’s rules—she hasn’t spoken about the alleged inappropriate actions.

“It’s been a challenging time recently,” she noted. “I’m sorry for the unnecessary attention my Denver evening brought to everyone. Even if my actions weren’t intended to hurt, they did, and I regret it.”

Boebert added that the pressures of a public divorce have been hard on her and her family: “I attempted to navigate it with as much resilience and dignity as I could, but I failed in upholding my values that Sunday. I apologize.”

Regarding the vaping incident, she commented that she didn’t remember doing it until seeing the footage, citing the show’s excitement and unfamiliar surroundings. She initially denied the vaping claims, with her team stating she was merely “singing along and having fun.”